Why do we have the various lifeforms on this planet that we do? What is the biological history leading up to this moment?  And for those who are people of faith, what are the implications theologically, if any, for the various answers to those questions?

In this episode, Dr. Janet Kellogg Ray, author of Baby Dinosaurs on the Ark?, discusses some of the main pieces of evidence for evolutionary theory and addresses the prominent arguments offered in opposition.  

We get into many subtopics such as the whether there is conflict between science and religion, what motivates anti-evolutionary ideas, the fossil record, flood geology, and human evolution.  Stay tuned for next week's part 2 and as always....

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October 6, 2021

Should You Eat Animals?

Animals are killed for the purpose of being eaten by humans. This fact has come under ethical scrutiny much more in recent years, mostly due to the exposure to the public of HOW we get our meat. Most of it is from factory farming. We discuss some of the horrors of this process, how this impacts the ethics of consumption of animal products and a way forward for those wishing to live a more ethical life.

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September 28, 2021

How Free Should Speech Be?

Debates on the Freedom of Speech have raged over the last decade.  With the advent of social media, a greater voice has been given to everyone - and there's no doubt that some speech will be hateful or have negative consequences.  The question we are all asking is how much speech should be allowed - when are we justified in limiting someone's liberty to freely speak?  

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It has long been a part of Western theology that the divine is morally good - morally perfect even.  But how should we think about this perfection; what does it mean? Does God have to do the right thing - does God have moral obligations? What does the right thing mean when we are talking about God - isn't God in some way the source of morality?  What sorts of things are "moral principles" anyway? They seem pretty weird.  We discuss all of this and more in this week's episode.

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Though not in the national spotlight currently, the topic of organ donation continues to touch the lives of many people.  Those in need of organs and their loved ones can be surprised at the intricacies of getting more organs and who is prioritized to receive them.  It involves consent laws, whether to allow people to buy and sell organs, and how we allocate the organs once we get them.  

Stay Curious!

We are self-interested - at least a little bit.  The question posed in this episode is whether we always act out of self-interest, and further if acting toward self-interest should be a foundational moral obligation.  Such views are known as Egoism and we explore both.  Does it spell doom for ordinary morality? Are there good arguments for and against it?

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August 24, 2021

How It Feels to Deconstruct

Going through a faith deconstruction process can be quite distressing.  Family, friends, and trusted pillars of your communities may have polarizing reactions. There is a psychological toll from the upheaval of deeply held beliefs.  And, the spiritual impact can bring peace one day and turmoil the next, regardless of the baggage you bring to the table.  

You are not alone.  You aren't bad for being in the thick of it.  

Join the conversation as Clint and Tony share about the emotional, psychological, and spiritual texture of their deconstruction experiences.

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August 16, 2021

Do We Have Free Will?

Freedom of the Will - it's one of the oldest philosophical topics.  People have wondered about it for ages and for good reason - whether we have it changes quite a bit about other aspects of our worldview.  We discuss some metaphors to help us understand the topic better and some key arguments for and against it.

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August 10, 2021

Should We Have Kids?

There are some who argue that engaging in procreation is morally wrong.  This view is often called anti-natalism.  The reasons for holding the view vary, but, of course, there are many who find the idea absurd.  At the very least, the ethics involved highlight some important flashpoints surrounding the ethics of procreation and how we view the value of a human life.  Clint is among the most guilty if the view turns out to be correct!  What do you think - should we have kids?

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August 2, 2021

Art, Icons, and Idols

As long as there has been religious thinking and behavior, there has been religious art.  Some pieces of religious art are among humanity's most celebrated and renowned works.  It is also not uncommon for religious art to make its way into a religious community's life of worship - in other words, iconography. 

There are those who worry that such iconography amounts to idolatry.  In this episode, we discuss the ideas of art, icons, and idols to see if we can arrive at some reasonable conclusions concerning how to think and act toward various versions of religious art.

Stay Curious!

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