Have you ever wondered what an afterlife would actually be like? Who's there, what would you do all day, and how long does it last?  The recent sitcom hit The Good Place explores each of these questions and more in winsome, hilarious, and surprisingly deep ways.  Clint and Tony use the The Good Place as an anchor for a conversation about the afterlife and review the show.


What a treat! Brad and Paul have co-authored a book called The Pastor: A Crisis, which is a raw, authentic examination of the question, "Is anyone irredeemable?".  The answer as you read on, is "No!" Even the worst, the abject worst, are redeemable through the "fire" of God's wrath-love.  It's a rollercoaster book and a rollercoaster discussion.  Let us know if you resonating with anything in this conversation or the book.  

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There's so many good resources.  Here's the links to The Pastor and other items we mention:

The Pastor: A Crisis - Signed hardcopy - www.premierecollectibles.com/pastor
The Meeting Place: Facilitating Encounters - Brad Jersak - 

You wrote in - we responded! We want this platform to be a place where no stone is unturned, and we can ask all of our tough questions.  We'd love to do this more often or even make it a regular segment of the show, so please write in to opentotruthpodcast@gmail.com.

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November 9, 2020

You Know What I Mean?

Have you thought about how amazing it is that we can communicate with each other? The development of language in human beings still mystifies experts in many ways.  In this episode, Clint and Tony explore a functional view of language and the implications this has for conventions such as swearing, coarse language, and whether people ever really know what you mean.  Join the Conversation!

October 31, 2020

What Floats Your Vote Boat?

How did you arrive at who to vote for - or whether to vote at all? What method did you use to decide which candidates to select? In this episode, we explore a helpful thought-experiment designed to get clear on what is going on in our mind when we go about deciding who to vote for.  We discuss the various arenas by which you might assess a candidate such as moral character, personal values, best policies, presidential demeanor, leadership, party affiliation, and a few others.  Join the Conversation.

October 26, 2020

I Saw the Sign

There are so many political signs around town.  Have you ever put one up? If not, have you wondered about why exactly people are doing that? 

In this episode, Clint and Tony dissect the activity of political signage and whether they really "work."  Should you put one up and what should it say?

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Do you ever get the sense Washington isn't working right? Why is it so hard to get anything good done - how can there really be so much disagreement?


Former Congressman Jim Renacci of Ohio's 16th District shares his experience as a businessman and politician in Washington, where he learned first-hand about betrayal and disloyalty on both sides of the aisle. We discuss how a lack of bipartisanship, respect for Regular Order, and growing party leadership power has led to an ineffective federal government system. We talk about possible solutions to these problems such as congressional term limits, a focus on state governance, a return to regular order, and campaign finance reform.


Jim discusses all of this in more depth in his book The GOP's Lost Decade. Get your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/GOPs-Lost-Decade-Inside-Washington/dp/1732185514/ref


Jim is also the Chairman of Ohio's Future Foundation. Find out what they are doing to improve Ohio here: https://www.ohiosfuturefoundation.org/


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October 12, 2020

Does Natural Theology Work?

People want to know whether God exists.  Don't You? One way we've tried to is by searching for evidence in the natural world and plumbing the depths of human reason - this is the project of natural theology.  Can we find out whether God exists without God revealing that information to us in some way?

We discuss the revolutionary idea that God may not be interested in having people come to know that God exists in the above fashion.  Such a project misses the salient aspects of a robust, volitional, and moral transformation journey that God would be interested in if God exists.

October 5, 2020

The Present of Presence

Have you ever found it difficult to just be still? Silent? Enjoy the present moment?

So have we.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of finding happiness or contentment in the present moment.  We dissect a number of pieces from pop culture and philosophy that help us understand the danger of neglecting the practice of presence.  


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Puns aside, have you wondered about how to read the Bible and formulate theology in light of archaeological evidence? How do these two disciplines relate?

In this episode, Dr. Cynthia Shafer-Elliott explains what exactly archaeologists do, why it's valuable, and how it relates to biblical studies.  We think you'll learn a ton from this one!

To learn more about the course Dr. Shafer-Elliott is hosting, visit https://peteenns.com/course/everyday/

A great resource for all of your archaeology FAQs is The Five-Minute Archaeologist.  Get your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Five-Minute-Archaeologist-Southern-Levant/dp/1781792429


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